20 Hilarious Comics About the Struggles of Being an Unmotivated Goth


Hey there, fellow creatures of the dark! Are you ready to dive into the twisted and chuckle-inducing world of “The Lazy Goth Comics“? Picture this: a realm where the struggle of dealing with daylight, the horror of putting on makeup, and the sheer agony of socializing at parties are narrated in hilarious, relatable, and oh-so-lazy comic strips.

Every week, over 18,400 souls unite on Instagram, basking in the delightful agony of laziness as depicted in these goth-tastic comics. It’s a safe haven for those who’d rather curl up with a good book than face the blinding rays of the sun. So, what makes these comics the epitome of relatable humor for the effortlessly gothic?

Let’s start with the eternal dilemma faced by every nocturnal being: the dread of daylight. The struggle is oh-so-real for these lazy goths. Venturing out into the bright, cheerful world feels like an adventure to Mordor. The comics hilariously portray this battle against the sun—the dramatic use of umbrellas, scarves, and sunglasses to shield against the relentless enemy: UV rays. It’s a symphony of darkness against the overpowering brightness.

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#1. Merry Christmas


#2. Too Soon

#3. Halloween


#4. Temptation

#5. Everything


And then, there’s the dread of putting on makeup. Who needs elaborate contouring when you’ve mastered the art of smudgy eyeliner and a perfect shade of black lipstick? These comics celebrate the beauty of embracing the “just rolled out of the coffin” look, where effortless elegance meets the art of minimal effort. Why bother with a complicated makeup routine when a stroke of dark eyeliner screams perfection?

#6. Perfect

#7. Wear a mask


#8. Yearly Effort

#9. Stay Inside


#10. Safety Pins

Ah, parties—the bane of a lazy goth’s existence! While others rush to social gatherings, our lazy goth heroes find solace in the sanctity of their crypt-like abodes. These comics brilliantly capture the essence of declining invitations with creative excuses: “Sorry, I have to reorganize my collection of spooky candles tonight.” The struggle to conjure up an excuse not to go out becomes an art form in itself.

#11. The Pandemic


#12. Making a comic

#13. Curly Bangs


#14. Perfect Eyeliner

#15. Lazy Vacation


#16. Trap

But fear not, dear readers, for these comics aren’t just about relatable struggles. They’re a celebration of embracing one’s effortless gothic lifestyle. The artistry behind these strips lies in their ability to take everyday laziness and turn it into an anthem for the effortlessly cool. With each new installment, “The Lazy Goth Comics” weaves a tapestry of relatable chuckles and nods of agreement. They serve as a beacon of comfort for those who understand that true gothic elegance lies in embracing the effortless, the dark, and the delightfully lazy.

#17. Christmas Shopping


#18. Home Decoration

#19. Winter Coat


#20. Too Soon

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