20 Immortal Grind Comics Offers a Comedic Take on the Afterlife

If you enjoy dark comedy, let me introduce you to Burly, an artist who creates comics about such subjects. Immortal Grind is a web comic series that has gained popularity for its interesting and unique illustrations that explore the concept of existence after death. With over 27,700 Instagram followers, Immortal Grind has made a name for himself as one of the field’s biggest names in afterlife comics.

His comics provide a humorous perspective on the afterlife, focusing on the problems and everyday routine of individuals who are unable to escape their daily lives even after passing away. It covers subjects like handling workplace politics in hell, overcoming the existential fear of immortality, and interacting with demons at work. His finest comics are presented in the section below. Keep scrolling to explore them.

Credit: The Immortal Grind

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#1. Death can wait

#2. Emptying out the inbox

#3. What are you doing?

#4. Priorities

#5. Cats

#6. License to kill

Comics about death and life after death are created by this artist, as described in his bio, which chronicles the afterlife’s day-to-day activities. The artist has a background in graphic design, basically. The artist began drawing comics to obtain experience in this area. He hopes to humorously teach his audience about death through his comics. He creates comics with four panels every time.

#7. Spy

#8. Blob fish Origins

#9. Hell

#10. Death is jelly

#11. Netflix Hell

#12. Unforgivable sin

#13. Damned Weather

#14. Demons & Dragons

#15. Brown Thumb

His comics are largely meant to be humorous, highlighting the ridiculousness of the circumstances in the afterlife through dark humor and sharp dialogue. The creator of The Immortal Grind mostly works on Instagram, where they often post new comics. The artwork is straightforward but expressive, using strong colors and distinct lines that convey feelings of comedy and emotion. You can also explore his earlier posts on our website by clicking here.

#16. Bad News

#17. Thin Skin

#18. Death Book

#19. Welcome

#20. Incognito

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