The father turned his sons’ doodles into anime characters, Result is cutest (12 anime drawing)

French artist Thomas Roman is back with a more amazing, colorful, and entertaining remake of his son’s doodle. The artist has developed his talents over the years in his career and uses his children’s entertaining and unparalleled creativity to create unique imaginative art of suitable characters in the best fantasy films.

The artist currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, where he works in the anime production. The current titles they are working on are: Symphoger, Space Dandy, and Basque! Not surprisingly, he is so good at adapting his sketches into his amazing and epic anime characters.

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Thomas calls this project the Father and Sons Design Workshop, and it’s a great way to practice your craft and still be with your kids. The process is simple: her children create doodles and sketches and then Thomas reproduces them and transforms them into professional concepts. The monsters themselves are very different: some are weird and passionate, some are cute and fast. There are robots, traitors, people and all kinds of mythical creatures. They all look like they just escaped an epic storybook.





On his Instagram, Thomas says: I’m an animation creator living in Tokyo. I love my sons and their drawings. Check out our YouTube channel too! If you would like to see how these concepts are developed and learn more about the process or how to develop and watch some lessons, check out Thomas’ channel.








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