20 Times Cartoonist Mark Lynch Creates Single-Panel Comics To Make Us Laugh


The Daily Toon is the webcomic of Australian cartoonist Mark Lynch, who is known for creating single-gag cartoons and editorial cartoons. His single-panel comics have been syndicated to various newspapers and publications. He had always been interested in drawing and creating fantastical worlds on paper. This motivation led him to start his comic strip. Now, it is well known in the world of comics.

His webcomic series is what has made him more well-known. He worked for around five years creating comics. The artist’s primary goal is to create a fresh comic every day that stands out from those of other creators. Even though he has created thousands of comics covering a wide range of subjects if you want to lighten your mood, read some of his all-time favorite comics in the part that follows.

Credit: The Daily Toon

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#1. Holidays


#2. Last Online

#3. Shark frenzy


#4. Advertising spin

#5. Diversity levels


#6. Undecided voters

A common misunderstanding is that anything has to make people laugh in order to be considered humorous. And while it can be used as a measure of success for comedians, it isn’t true for comedy in work environments. This artist defines comedy as everything that makes people smile, breathe, feel happy, or relax their muscles.

#7. Honest politician


#8. Celebrity gossip

#9. Instagram


#10. Influencer

#11. Shakespeare


#12. Presidential race

#13. Oldies


#14. Interior designer

Since he began creating cartoons a few years ago, he has gained widespread recognition in the humor industry. In the comic book industry, he has established himself through hard work. He publishes his comics on his personal website. Please remember to click the share button if you think his comics are interesting. You can also check out some of his previous posts on our website by simply clicking here.

#15. Meals on wheels


#16. Grandparents

#17. Counting sheep


#18. Uber share ride

#19. AI


#20. Vegetarians

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