20 Horror-Centric Comics Feature Lonely Ghosts and Other Scary Creatures

Horror-centric comics have a spine-tingling allure, drawing readers into eerie worlds filled with lonely ghosts and other sinister creatures. These comics, masterfully crafted by talented artists and writers, plunge us into the depths of the unknown, where fear and fascination collide. The lonesome specters that haunt these pages are more than mere apparitions; they are vessels of lost souls and the echoes of unresolved mysteries.

Indeed, within the realm of horror-centric comics, there are those who excel at bringing the spine-tingling tales of lonely ghosts and other terrifying creatures to life, and “The Daily Nightmare” is undoubtedly an expert in this field. So scroll down to the section below in order to see his recent 20 illustrations.

Credit: The Daily Nightmare

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#1. Seeing Yourself in Front Face Camera

#2. Bigfoot Googles Himself

#3. Unclean Spirit

#4. It all started with an eyebrow

#5. Afterlife

The Daily Nightmare is a horror-centric comic series that can be found on various platforms. It features illustrations of scary creatures and situations related to nightmares. The account has 1,890 followers, 1,283 fan followings, and 325 posts. The artist also posts about everyday problems and stress that can cause “daily nightmares”. Nightmare’s work is known for its unique style, its disturbing subject matter, and its occasional dark humor. The account features a variety of comics, illustrations, and short animations, often featuring dark, surreal, and nightmarish imagery.

#6. The Grim Reaper has feelings too

#7. Weird Ghost

#8. Polite

#9. Exorcist

#10. Long Winded Ghost

One of the things that makes The Daily Nightmare’s work so special is their ability to create a sense of unease and suspense in their viewers. Nightmare often uses symbolism and imagery to create a sense of dread and foreboding, and their work often leaves viewers with more questions than answers. Nightmare’s work also often explores themes of mental health, trauma, and the darker side of human nature. Nightmare’s work can be disturbing, but it is also thought-provoking and insightful. His comics remind us that the world of horror comics is a realm where the most sinister of creatures and the loneliest of ghosts find their unsettling home.

#11. Scary Phone Call

#12. Don’t Come In

#13. I have to pee

#14. Eyes Down Here

#15. Long Hair

#16. Socially Awkward

#17. How Rude

#18. Under Attack

#19. Awkward Party Guest

#20. Empty House

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