20 The Crowbar Comics Perfectly Shows Random Situations in a Hilarious Way


Random situational comics Take daily occurrences that are amusing and turn them into humorous stories. These comics have sometimes been running for a long time, yet new ones are always appearing with previously uncovered themes and thoughts. What we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived in the form of “The Crowbar Comics.” The cartoons are frequently based on random circumstances with twists, and the artist who creates them prefers to keep his comedy dark at times.

The artist chose to be anonymous for his fans, as he does not share so much information about himself. He always creates comics based on random situations with a twisted plot. The reader does not know what is going to happen next. By doing so, he is able to gather an audience of 21,400 on his Instagram account. We have gathered a new collection of comics for you in the following section. Scroll down to the section below in order to enjoy his best comics.

Credit: The Crowbar Comics

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#1. Merry Christmas


#2. Tune

#3. Thanks


#4. Alexa

#5. Small Town


Through its unique and often absurd panels, artist Samneehan (@thecrowbarcomic on Twitter and Instagram) expertly depicts the funny absurdity of everyday life. The charm of the comics lies in their simplicity and relatability. Samneehan’s painting style appears childish, with large, expressive eyes and simple lines, but it effectively portrays the emotions and humor of each scene. And, while the scenarios are frequently ludicrous, they appeal to a common feeling of awkwardness and shared experience, making them laugh out loud and entertaining.

#6. Salad

#7. Water


#8. Song Bird

#9. Complaint Department


#10. I’m Back

#11. Criminal Trial


#12. Public Speaking

One of the things that distinguishes The Crowbar Comics is its randomness. The comics have no rhyme or purpose, which is part of what makes them so enjoyable. The Crowbar Comics are a humorous and refreshing reminder that even the most unlikely events can be amusing. Check out Samneehan’s work if you’re searching for a good laugh.

#13. Sick


#14. Reading

#15. Baby Teeth


#16. Happy Mother’s Day

#17. Bottled Up


#18. Alarm Cluck

#19. It’s Alive


#20. School Bus

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