A Cartoonist Captures a Unique Blend of Humor and Heart in His 20 Quirky Comics




Step into the world of J Burrelo, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary through the stroke of a pen and a splash of vibrant imagination. The genesis of “The Big Insane Happy” lies within the creative genius of cartoonist and illustrator Eric Haven, a maestro who weaves humor and heart into a tapestry of whimsical artistry.

At the heart of this artistic endeavor is a web comic that serves as a portal to a universe brimming with eccentric characters, surreal escapades, and an unconventional sense of humor. With a loyal following of 2,824 enthusiasts, Haven’s creations have sparked a quirky revolution in the realm of web comics.

Credit: The Big Insane Happy

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#1. News

#2. No Proviso

#3. Time Line

#4. Definition of Murder

#5. Taxing the rich

Haven’s artistic signature is bold linework that dances across the canvas, breathing life into his expressive characters. His storytelling prowess elevates the mundane, crafting uproarious escapades from everyday occurrences. Imagine anthropomorphic animals mingling with fantastical beings amidst a backdrop of familiar yet strangely unfamiliar settings.

“The Big Insane Happy” transcends the label of a mere web comic; it stands as a testament to Haven’s boundless creativity and his ability to uncover laughter in the unlikeliest corners of existence. Through his art, he orchestrates a symphony of absurdity, inviting us to glimpse a world where imagination reigns supreme.

#6. Free Fall

#7. Full of hate

#8. Evil

#9. Heck’s Kitchen

#10. The Door

#11. The Journey

#12. Parting

#13. Border Patrol

#14. Troll Road

Beyond the laughter and the whimsy, this creative oasis serves as Haven’s sanctuary—a realm where he channels his singular vision and connects profoundly with kindred spirits in the realm of artistry. His comics are more than just panels; they’re windows into a realm where the bizarre finds solace and the peculiar becomes home.

In “The Big Insane Happy,” Eric Haven paints a portrait of unadulterated creativity and unbounded joy. It’s a space where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, inviting us to revel in the magic woven by his pen strokes.

#15. Meatball Meteor Shower

#16. Evil Questions

#17. Free Hugs

#18. Warships in the night

#19. Obstacles

#20. Go to Heck

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