Here are 20 Hilarious Single-Panel Comics by Cartoonist Scott Hilburn

Today we are here to introduce you to the American comic strip The Argyle Sweater, which is published every day and is well-known for its single-panel layout and strange humor. In 2008, Scott Hilburn created it. With its famous collection of animals, people, and nonliving things, it frequently offers clever remarks about relationships, daily living, and the absurdity of the universe.

He has 104,000 Instagram followers. His cartoons can be found in newspapers and online through Andrews McMeel Syndication. The National Cartoonist Society has acknowledged The Argyle Sweater and nominated it for a Reuben Award, confirming its status as a beloved comic strip. In the section that follows, we have collected his best comics. View some of his best comics right now. By clicking here, you can also enjoy some of his previous posts on our website.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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#1. No Idea

#2. Startup Company

#3. Need One

#4. Little Colder

#5. Meteor

#6. Recalculating

According to the artist, it is tough to make people laugh with a single panel. Because of this, not many artists create single-panel comics. But he expertly captures comedy simply in one panel and never fails to laugh at those who like him. The Argyle Sweater’s comedy can often be delicate, depending on sharp wordplay, inventive visual gags, and surprising takes on well-known situations.

#7. Help

#8. First

#9. Congratulation

#10. Mission Accomplished

#11. Big Date

#12. Race

#13. Nurse

#14. Coach

The Argyle Sweater tackles serious subjects like friendship, family, and the pleasures and difficulties of daily life without holding back, even in light of the humor. These touching moments give the comics a warm, warm feel that makes them even more approachable and interesting. Please use the comment section to ask me any other questions you may have. I hope you have an amazing day.

#15. Crisis

#16. Surprise

#17. Painful

#18. Christmas

#19. Reservations

#20. Go Out

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