20 That Doodle Guy Comics Shows Funny Backstory Behind Photos of Animals 

Because animals appear cute, many comic strip creators include animal characters to make their works appealing and lovable to their readers. In comics, artists typically use animals to appeal to a younger audience. Animal characters are extremely simple to include in a variety of entertainment mediums. Similarly, we bring an artist who makes comics on the back story of wildlife pictures.


Let me introduce you to an Instagram artist named That Doodle Guy, who is famous for creating comics that imagine the funny backstory behind photos of animals. The brilliant mind behind this Instagram account is Divyansh Sikka. He has 86,000 Instagram followers. Wildlife has always inspired the artist, even as an innocent child. Taking images of animals attracted his interest. He then began to write these images’ backstories in order to use his comics to express love.

Credit: That doodle guy

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#1. Hug


#2. Fetch


#3. Good time

#4. Hide and Seek


#5. First Person

#6. Pretend


The comics artist always creates four panels. Another reason he uses animal characters is that it makes it simpler for him to communicate his ideas. When he figures out the dialogue, it takes me two to three hours to draw a comic, he says. The artist’s comics are primarily meant to amuse those who love him and make them happy by transforming their sorrow into joy.

#7. Magical

#8. Sign


#9. Never Felt Cold

#10. Dream


#11. Adorable

#12. Love


#13. Still mad

He sees a lot of happy-ending stories and memes that make him cry, and he hopes that his comics will ultimately get there. He has been focusing on accurate storytelling in his comics for a few months now, more so than the sketching part. That’s why his comics make everyone smile. For more of his comics, you have to visit here.

#14. Comforting


#15. Feelings

#16. Great Memory


#17. Need a hand

#18. Get ready


#19. Teach to bark

#20. What Happens?


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