20 Suzu Studio Comics Shows the Joys and Challenges of Being in a Relationship

Suzu Studio Comics, Today, we are here to talk about an Instagram artist who captures the joys and challenges of being in a relationship. Meet Xanh Mượt, who is best known for her heartwarming and relatable portrayal of the everyday life of couples. She has an Instagram account named SuZu Studio, where she currently has a huge audience of 153,000 true followers.

Suzu Studio’s comics capture the simple joys and challenges of being in a relationship with wit and softness. We see small portions of shared meals, playful conversations, moments of affection, and the occasional fight, all created with real affection and humor. The next section features a compilation of her top 20 comics. If you want to explore her comics, scroll down.

Credit: SuZu Studio

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#1. Arguing isn’t good for the baby

#2. Shopping with my husband be like

#3. His different sides

#4. My exception

#5. He was on a mission 

#6. Gift

The artwork of SuZu Studio is a delightful fusion of passion and simplicity. The strength of the story is increased by the colorful characters and simple phrases that successfully convey emotions. We can’t help but be jealous of how adorable they are since she shares with others her everyday adventures with her husband. Her stories and comics often come from things that happen to her in real life.

#7. Reality

#8. The moment I realized my cat stole my wife

#9. How can she wears short skirts in the middle of winter?

#10. Surprising my wife with my new trim

#11. When you get a husband, so you have double the wardrobe now

#12. Warm winter in your arms

#13. Just Go

Suzu Studio Comics

She uses the comics she shares on Instagram to follow their lives together. Her closest friends frequently appear with the appropriate partners. Many readers identify with the comics and have lively conversations about things they can relate to. Please remember to share and leave a comment if you enjoy the blog. To have even more enjoyment, simply click here and here.

#14. Mode

#15. Take it easy bae

Suzu Studio Comics

#16. Bill

#17. Sharing Households

Suzu Studio Comics

#18. Got emotional

Suzu Studio Comics

#19. Baby

Suzu Studio Comics

#20. How beautiful

Suzu Studio Comics

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