A Cartoonist Captures Hilarious Punchlines and Wit Only in Single-Panel (20 Comics)


In the vibrant city of Montreal, amidst the lively air of 1949, a spark was born—Susan Dewar. Her story is not just a tale of a woman born in an era when the world was finding its feet again; it’s a testament to passion, perseverance, and the art of bringing joy through words and art.

Susan Dewar’s journey through education echoes the essence of curiosity and dedication. She walked the halls of Toronto College, imbibing knowledge and molding her intellect. The University of Western Ontario in London became another chapter of her academic saga, enriching her mind with diverse perspectives. Her graduation from Toronto Teacher’s College marked not just an achievement but a gateway to shaping young minds.

Credit: Susan Dewar

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#1. Work from home


#2. Extinct

#3. Hilarious


#4. Wheee!

#5. Super Hero


The world of words called her, and she answered. As a freelancer, she danced with creativity, contributing to esteemed publications like the Canadian Forum, Teen Generation, Current, and the Toronto Sun. Her pen wielded the power of storytelling, painting vibrant pictures with words that danced off the pages and into the hearts of readers.

Then came 1988, a year that became a milestone in Susan Dewar’s journey. The Ottawa Sun welcomed her into its folds, and she embraced journalism with open arms. Her stories became a symphony of truth, weaving through the fabric of society and bringing to light tales that needed to be told.

#6. Essential Workers

#7. Russian Soldiers


#8. Do it!

#9. Clinic


But that’s not all—Susan Dewar wears multiple hats in the realm of creativity. Among her many talents, she sprinkles the world with laughter through her hilarious single-panel comics. With a stroke of a pen, she captures life’s quirks, turning everyday moments into bursts of joy and reminding us to find humor in the ordinary.

#10. Emergency

#11. Bird Flu


#12. Gas Station

#13. Forecast


Her journey is not just about achievements in academia or the written word; it’s about a spirit that refuses to bow down to challenges. It’s about using talent to bring smiles and make people pause and appreciate the lighter side of life. Susan Dewar is not just a journalist or an artist; she’s a beacon of inspiration, a reminder that passion and dedication can carve a path where creativity thrives.

#14. Ordered

#15. Short Term


#16. Financial Football

#17. Get Old


Today, as we look at the tapestry of Susan Dewar’s life, we see colors that blend seamlessly—a symphony of education, journalism, and artistry. Her story resonates with anyone who dreams, anyone who crafts their destiny through their passions. It’s a tale that whispers, “Embrace your talents, and let them light up the world.”

#18. Boxing Day

#19. Sale


#20. Health Care

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