20 Studio Stoutpoep Comics Explore Serious Topics in a Lighthearted Way

Comics have a long history of addressing serious subjects with comedy and lightheartedness. This method can be quite useful in providing a fresh viewpoint on complicated topics and in making them more interesting and approachable. In a similar way, we present to you an artist who explores serious subjects in a humorous manner.

Meet Domien Delforge is the alter ego of Belgian artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. His website Studio Stoutpoep describes him in humorous terms as a “Nobel Peace Prize winner, billionaire, philanthropist, and pathological liar,” though his talents certainly seem genuine. With 160,000 Instagram followers, he currently has a sizable following. In the section that follows, we have collected his best comics. By just clicking here, you can see a few of his earlier posts on our website.

Credit: Studio Stoutpoep

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#1. Born

#2. Relatable

#3. Job vs Hobby

#4. Different Perspectives

#5. Work

#6. Muscles

Pop art and cartooning elements are combined in Delforge’s work, which frequently has a satirical and dark touch. He employs bright colors, primarily pink, blue, and yellow, and doesn’t hesitate to tackle taboo or controversial subjects. He always tackles serious topics in a lighthearted way. That’s why his audience finds his comics relatable.

#7. Hilarious

#8. Position

#9. Life

#10. Food

#11. Christmas

#12. Very True

#13. Money Saving

Overall, he is a brilliant artist at capturing such topics. The main hub for Studio Stoutpoep is his website, where you can find information about him and see his latest comics. You can also follow Studio Stoutpoep on Instagram for a more visual experience of his work. Hopefully, you people can relate to his comics. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this blog.

#14. Quite Drinking

#15. Fixed

#16. Normal vs Weird

#17. Age

#18. Relatable

#19. Expecting

#20. Much Better

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