Here are 20 Ridiculous Single-Panel Spud Comics To make Your Day Better

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Comedy has long been regarded as a powerful antidote to sorrow. Its ability to bring joy and laughter can uplift our spirits and provide solace in challenging times. Single-panel comics, with their concise storytelling and clever punchlines, have a remarkable talent for transforming sorrow into happiness. With just one frame, these comics encapsulate a relatable or amusing situation that resonates with readers on an emotional level. Let’s introduce you to a new collection of comics.


Spud Comics is a collection of single-panel cartoons created by Lonnie Easterling. The comics are written, drawn, inked, and colored by Easterling and can be found on her website, where there are over 1100 comics. The comics are not related to potatoes, despite the name. Easterling’s grandfather’s nickname for her was “Spud,” so she used that to name her comics. The art style of his comics is simple yet effective, enhancing the humor of the strips.

Through clever wordplay, unexpected punchlines, or poignant visual gags, they have the power to shift our perspective, lighten our hearts, and bring a smile to our faces. By capturing the essence of human experiences, both big and small, single-panel comics tap into our shared emotions and remind us that laughter can be found even in the midst of sorrow. In these brief moments of comic relief, the weight of our worries is momentarily lifted, and we are reminded of the inherent joy and humor that can be found in life’s ups and downs. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the webcomic scene, is a must-read for anyone seeking a laughter-filled journey through the art of webcomics.

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Credit: Spud Comics

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#1. Nightmare

image 1021

#2. Happiness

image 1004

#3. Dairy

image 1019

#4. Hole foods

image 1011

#5. Real enemy

image 1002

#6. Prisoner

image 1012

#7. BC

image 1016

#8. Softest

image 1017

#9. Hungry

image 1018

#10. Ocean

image 1001

#11. Pretty good

image 1006

#12. Bat hair

image 1013

#13. Really

image 1014

#14. Feathers!

image 1015

#15. Never work

image 1000

#16. Bubble gum

image 1007

#17. Evolution

image 1008

#18. Old woman

image 1009

#19. Pink eye

image 1010

#20. No mushrooms

image 999

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