20 Soup Cat Comics Based on the Weird Experiences of The Artist Himself

When we see hilarious and awkward situations in comics with a touch of humor, it makes us laugh. These scenarios give us a smile and act as a reminder that everyone experiences these humorous situations. This is what an Instagram account named Soup Cat Comics draws. The comics on this Instagram account, which include the creator himself, are well-known. He mostly creates comics about his weird experiences.


It depicts everyday adventures, typically highlighting the realistic and funny things about life. His humorous and funny comics give a pleasant view of the creator’s life to viewers. His comics are largely about the difficulties he had when he was younger. Although he does not have enough followers on his Instagram account, his comics are worth watching. The gallery that follows features our selection of his best 20 comics.

Credit: Soup Cat Comics

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#1. Internet


#2. Milestone


#3. Valentine

#4. Birthday


#5. Renovating

#6. Internet Guides


In his comics, the artist portrays himself as an optimistic and joyful person. He is well known for his beautiful illustrations, honest humor, and emotional scenes. Typically, his comics are eye-catching, multi-panel drawings that are perfect for a fast read. His main goal is to make his audience laugh by sharing his humorous stories through comedy.

#7. Mental Health types

#8. Christmas


#9. Motion Design

#10. Waste another year


#11. Conversations

#12. Taking drugs


#13. Battery is dead

#14. So depressing


Despite the fact that comics typically revolve around the creator’s personal experiences, including his views on his friendships and interactions with family, this gives his works a charming, lovable aspect. His humorous comments and encouraging discussions promote the importance of connections in day-to-day living. We hope you all enjoy his comics. You can visit our website regularly to take advantage of additional content like this.

#15. Dressed

#16. Just Roll


#17. Normal People

#18. Ready


#19. Problem

#20. Living Alone


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