20 Sorrow Bacon Comics Full of Unexpected Twists and Dark Puns

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We’re back today with another fantastic selection of dark comics. Meet Sorrowbacon, a comic book character drawn by the brilliant artist Millie Bite who combines humor with existentialism in a delightful way. Her brilliant speech, unexpected twists, and endearingly offbeat characters have earned her a reputation. Her cheerful take on the meaninglessness of life and the universe is seen in many of her comics.


By doing so, she is able to reach an audience of 9,676 Instagram followers. Sorrowbacon’s characters are sharp and witty, delivering clever puns and unexpected observations. The humor is often dark and unexpected, but it’s sure to make you chuckle. Her art style is unique and expressive. It’s characterized by clean lines, playful shapes, and a touch of whimsy. Let’s explore some of her best dark comics in the following section.

Credit: Sorrow Bacon

For More Info: Instagram | Facebook | Website

#1. Harvard

image 2065

#2. Kitten Speech

image 2066

#3. Christmas Card

image 2067

#4. Text

image 2068

#5. Marry a Witch

image 2069

#6. Why Do Birds

image 2070

When we discuss how ideas come to her, she responds that I get ideas randomly and I write them down. She wrote these notes in a notebook. She goes over them every now and then and picks which ones are good enough to turn into a comic. The artist creates amazing content for her viewers in this way.

#7. Zombie Bros

image 2071

#8. Parent Teacher Conference

image 2072

#9. Aviation Cat

image 2073

#10. Gorgeous

image 2074

#11. Cane

image 2075

#12. Google Doc

image 2076

#13. Interact

image 2077

Additionally, Sorrowbacon has a Patreon page where you can support her work and have access to behind-the-scenes insights, early comic drafts, and sketches, among other unique goods. Sorrowbacon is definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for comics that are charming, humorous, and interesting, with a hint of surrealism. Click this link to experience more enjoyment.

#14. Girlfriend Hair

image 2078

#15. Bangs

image 2079

#16. Solution

image 2080

#17. What are you wearing?

image 2081

#18. Black

image 2082

#19. Love Potion

image 2083

#20. Father Figure

image 2084

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