20 Times Steph Soong Shows Awkward Situations Faced by Everyone

We all face different awkward situations in our busy lives, such as social interactions with people, many mishaps, and large crowds that can be overwhelming for many people. There are many artists who capture such situations in order to make people laugh. One of them we are here to discuss. Let me introduce you to a brilliant female artist whose good name is Steph Soong.


She describes herself as an introverted, silly, anxious, and awkward girl in her Instagram bio. Her comics follow her funny misadventures. She creates comics on how to deal with social anxiety and awkward situations that happen in our daily lives. On her Instagram account, she goes by the username @soongsdoodles. She currently has an audience of only 1,290 followers. Although she does not have a large enough following, her comics will surely make you smile.

Credit: Soongs Doodles

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#1. Quitting


#2. Observing Parents


#3. Honest Interviews


#4. Introvert

#5. So Hungry


#6. Being Kind

In her comics, she portrays herself as a social girl who struggles to interact despite facing various challenges. The artist never lets her social anxiety stop her from trying to put herself out there, even if she is a girl who struggles with it. She works hard and hopes for success all the time. Her comics are always relatable and enjoyable for those who also face such situations.

#7. So fit


#8. Politically

#9. Life Crisis


#10. Instagram baby

#11. Managing Anxiety


#12. Be vulnerable

#13. Set Boundaries


#14. Stop Maximizing

#15. Anxiety


Her comics are always based on a four-panel format. She creates comics for sometimes only. She has only fifty posts, some of which we are bringing to you to make your day better. Every socially awkward person will find her comics relatable because they show how to deal with all kinds of social situations. We hope you have a great day.

#16. Be careful

#17. Food Lover


#18. Singing

#19. House Gatherings


#20. You Too

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