20 Hilarious Comics by an Artist Who Donates Half of His Comic’s Revenue to Hospital

We all understand that because each person is a distinct individual with unique quirks, traits, preferences, and approaches to life’s challenges. But we also have some traits in common as people. There are some circumstances that, although you may believe they only affect you, actually affect the majority of people. Today we’ll present a comic book creator who makes relatable comics to demonstrate it. We hope that everyone will appreciate this artist’s latest collection of relatable comics.

Meet Sobering Mirror, an Instagram artist whose original and provocative works have been causing a stir in the art world. His artwork has been extensively shared on various social media platforms, and he has a sizable following with over 123,000 followers on Instagram. The artist chooses to maintain his anonymity, so no one is aware of his real name. But his work speaks for itself, and it’s obvious that he has a gift for producing works that are both lovely and perceptive. The good thing about this artist is that the money he earns from Sobering Mirror is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

His artwork often features dark, moody, and somewhat abstract images that convey a sense of melancholy and introspection. His pieces are often accompanied by thoughtful and poetic captions that add depth and meaning to the work. What sets Sobering Mirror apart from other artists is his ability to create comics that are simultaneously funny and relatable while also touching on deeper themes. His work has struck a chord with a generation that is increasingly turning to social media for entertainment and connection. You can check his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: Sobering Mirror

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#1. Cool tech startup

#2. Crabs in a bucket

#3. Sports rivalry

#4. Silver lining

#5. Preparing for the real world

#6. Roommate wanted

#7. Compassion

#8. Optimism

#9. High-priority

#10. Escape plan

#11. The average redditor goes on a date

#12. Moment of clarity

#13. A day in the life of the average hip hop fan

#14. The evolution of open worlds

#15. Class reunion

#16. Milestones

#17. Self-help

#18. Adulthood

#19. The duality of (lifting) man

#20. Suffering from success

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