20 Smazy Comics Shows Hilarious Everyday Experiences of Being a Couple

Smazy Comics is an Instagram account that was created by a couple known as the Smazy Couple. The name Smazy comes from the fact that one is smart and the other is lazy. This Instagram account was created by a female artist who does not show her name, but she creates comics with her partner. Her comics are based on her daily adventures and will surely make your day better.


Her comics are mostly based on the couple Jono and Momo. The artist represents herself as Jono, who is the lazy one. Her boyfriend is Momo, who is a smart person. She mostly does silly things with her boyfriend and captures them in her drawings. She currently has an audience of 28,200 followers on her Instagram account. You can check out some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Smazy Comics

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#1. Battery Is low


#2. So Sneaky


#3. Not too bad

#4. When your bae starts to cry


#5. When you act quickly and find the closest thing

#6. How sneaky was Momo here


It’s a free-to-read web comic that has been being created since November 2019. It depicts the adventures of Jono and Momo, a couple. She began this comic book series as a hobby and a show of affection for her partner. She wishes to keep her partner’s cute moments to herself. Her comics are renowned for their touching moments, relatability, and humor.

#7. Online Shopping

#8. Sneak Attack


#9. Work Done

#10. Woke Up


#11. Night

#12. Coffee


#13. When Momo gets a hug from Jono

Momo and Jono have no hesitation in displaying all the positive, negative, and ugly parts of their relationship. But they always seem to get beyond their challenges and come stronger on the other side. Viewers might be familiar with not-perfect, realistic characters like Momo and Jono. This adds to the comic’s humor and lovable features. Click here to view more of her comics.

#14. Next Episode


#15. New Photo

#16. Come Here


#17. Hangry

#18. Need a hug


#19. what do you think?

#20. Good habits



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