How Everyday Life Looks Like Being a Couple is Shown in 20 Awesome Comics

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Everyday life as a couple is a beautiful tapestry woven with countless threads of shared moments, routines, and small adventures. It’s a journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the lens of love and companionship. In essence, everyday life as a couple is a blend of the mundane and the magical. It’s in the ordinary moments, the routines, and the shared experiences that the true beauty of a relationship is revealed. Whether it’s a silly joke, a comforting hug, or a quiet night in, these moments, when shared with a loved one, make everyday life as a couple wonderfully special.


Credit: Sketechedup20 Comics

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#1. Jealous

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#2. Time to be productive

image 1438

#3. Dessert

image 1456

#4. Cheat Day

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Sketechedup20 Comics is a webcomic and Instagram account created by Indian artist Rahul Patil. The comic follows the lives of Rahul and his friends, and it often deals with topics such as Indian culture, relationships, and everyday life. Rahul’s comics are known for their relatable humor and their unique style. He often uses expressive characters and exaggerated situations to create comics that are both funny and heartwarming. By struggling hard and creating comics on such beautiful topics, he is able to gather a genuine audience of 40,700 on his Instagram account.

#5. Sleep

image 1440

#6. New Abilities

image 1441

#7. It Burns

image 1442

#8. Cleaning Time

image 1443

#9. Homemade Beauty

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#10. System Upgrade

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His journey began as an exploration of the shared experiences with his partner and, over time, expanded to resonate with a broader audience. The motivation was to create content that not only evoked laughter but also provided a sense of connection for couples who could relate to the situations and emotions depicted in his comics. The motivation behind his work lies in the belief that relationships are a source of endless inspiration. From the humorous misunderstandings to the loving gestures, Rahul wanted to capture the entire spectrum of emotions that couples go through.

#11. Vision

image 1446

#12. Pre-Baby

image 1447

#13. Follow me too

image 1448

#14. Fun Night

image 1449

#15. Pencil Woes

image 1450

#16. Peeler

image 1451

The ideas for his comics can come from a multitude of sources, from daily routines like showering to hanging out with friends. Rahul’s ability to find humor in these situations and translate them into relatable illustrations is a testament to his creativity. As an artist, he may also draw inspiration from the interactions and conversations he witnesses in his everyday life. They might be inspired by personal experiences, moments of humor in everyday life, or even the shared stories of friends and acquaintances. That’s why his comics are always worth watching.

#17. Tongued

image 1452

#18. Pasta Dish

image 1453

#19. Access Denied

image 1454

#20. Destiny

image 1455

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