20 Sketchy Comics Full of Dark Clever Puns and Hilarious Endings

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Laughter is the best medicine, and dark humor can be especially potent. These comics aren’t simply funny but also clever. You’re screaming with laughter and surprise as the punchline suddenly takes a sharp left turn into the strange, even though you thought you were following a well-known joke setup. These comics’ satisfying surprise factor is what keeps them exciting and unexpected.


For a dose of laughter, we have an artist for you who makes hilarious comics full of clever puns. Let me introduce you to a new web comic named Sketchy Comics. We are sure you have not seen this artist’s comics before. The artist does not share his name, as he hides his identity and does not want to share so much information about him. But his comics are worth watching. If you want to enjoy his recent comics, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Sketchy Comics

For more info: Facebook | Website

#1. Thanks Giving

image 2729

#2. Still got it

image 2730

#3. Halloween Costume

image 2731

#4. Grandma’s adventures on the web

image 2732

#5. Something Fishy

image 2736

#6. Lens Craft and Wizardry

image 2735

The artist started drawing comics at a very young age. He usually creates four-panel comics. His comics are always worth enjoying. He mostly captures his hilarious ideas in his comics. He has a personal website where he posts his comics regularly. His comics are filled with dark, clever puns and punchlines which provide a chance to escape from everyday struggles and feel relaxed.

#7. Canceled

image 2737

#8. Spotter

image 2738

#9. Animal Behavior

image 2739

#10. Santa

image 2740

#11. Bearing it all

image 2741

#12. Early Bird

image 2742

#13. Feeling Stressed

image 2743

#14. Anything Different

image 2744

#15. Evolution

image 2745

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, seek out a comic filled with dark puns and unexpected twists. Enjoy the mental vacation, enjoy the comics, and let the mood get better. You may even discover that you come back to the real world with a fresh outlook and a lighter heart.

#16. Last Meal

image 2746

#17. Happy Birthday

image 2747

#18. Cater Fished

image 2748

#19. Breakfast peer pressure

image 2749

#20. Annual Meeting

image 2750

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