Here are 20 Brand-New Silly Comics by Simply Silly That You Have Not Seen Before

Comics have always been a medium for humor, and “Simply Silly” is […]

Comics have always been a medium for humor, and “Simply Silly” is an Instagram artist who excels at creating comics that are delightfully absurd and funny. Her original name is “S. M. Lima.” With a distinct style that combines simplicity, silliness, and unexpected twists, her comics are a breath of fresh air in the world of digital art. Her comics often feature quirky characters, surreal scenarios, and unexpected punchlines that catch readers off guard and leave them chuckling. 

Typically, minimalistic shapes, lines, and colors are used in the artwork to produce a clear and uncomplicated visual aesthetic. The appeal of “Simply Silly” comics is in part due to the art’s simplicity, which removes any obstacles from the humor and places it front and center. The absurdity of “Simply Silly” comics is one of their main characteristics. The artist frequently transforms everyday events into something funny and unexpected. These comics make their readers grin and brighten their days with a special blend of simplicity, silliness, and creative wordplay.

The excellent use of wordplay and puns in “Simply Silly” comics is another distinguishing trait. When writing dialogue and captions for the comics, the artist frequently uses puns and wordplay to wittily and humorously depict the already ludicrous circumstances. A large audience of 24,800 Instagram followers is drawn in by the multifaceted humor that is created by the combination of visual jokes and deft language. Dark or contentious subjects are typically absent from the comics, which instead concentrate on innocent frivolity and fun comedy. As a result, they are age-appropriate and ideal entertainment for people seeking a good laugh.

Credit: Simply Silly

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#1. My Silly Gods

#2. Caeser

#3. Ancient Rome


#4. Epiphany

#5. Silence

#6. Cute Dictator


#7. Busy Day

#8. Horus vs Lotro

#9. Feeling of danger


#10. Selection

#11. Sakura, Silvia & Giovanna

#12. Holiday


#13. Simply Silly X Luxastra

#14. Team

#15. Will you stop eating?


#16. Hard training

#17. My first day

#18. Coming out


#19. Zeus & Europa

#20. Demon Creature

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