20 Shreya Animation Comics Shares Her Everyday Struggles Being a Girl

Today we are ready to discuss a self-taught illustrator whose good name is Shreya. She is an Indian comic artist from Kolkata who is 20 years old. She is best known for her Instagram account, Shreya Animation. Her artwork is an expression of her life experiences, and she uses her platform to share those experiences with the world. As a self-employed illustrator and concept artist, Shreya has experience working on paid assignments.

She claims to create cartoons that beautifully show the lives, objectives, challenges, and joys of girls and women. In addition to being entertaining, these comics provide females with confidence by displaying to them the value of their viewpoints and the need for their experiences to be heard. There are 16,100 followers on her Instagram account right now. In the section that follows, you can see some of her best comics.

Credit: Shreya Animation

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#1. It’s already over for me

#2. Perfect Plan

#3. Eye Liners


#4. Foodie

#5. Too Expensive

#6. Photo


She is a talented artist who captures the positive and negative aspects of everyday life with such skill, especially in her sensitive and beautifully drawn comics. Even though she is active on a number of social media platforms, her Instagram account is a great way to view her most recent works and learn about her creative process.

#7. Public Transport

#8. Period

#9. Hair Accessories


#10. How Boys sees

#11. Start Studying

#12. Makeup


#13. Age

#14. Get Bored

The artist claims that we struggle with challenging situations and typical issues that appear specific to us. Which is why it surprises me that so many other individuals have had similar experiences with such specific situations. She captures these experiences because other girls can identify with her comics and see that they are not the only ones going through difficult times. You may also see her best comics on our website by clicking here and here.

#15. Clingy Person


#16. Over Thinker

#17. Hairstyle

#18. Washroom


#19. Date

#20. New Dress

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