20 Shreya Animation Comics Shows Struggles Faced by Girls


For a very long time, comics have been used as a storytelling medium that allows readers to fully immerse themselves in other worlds and develop deep connections with characters. There are comics for girls and women that beautifully depict their lives, goals, struggles, and victories. These comics empower girls by showing them that their perspectives matter and that their stories should be heard, in addition to being entertaining.

Self-taught illustrator Shreya Animation has amassed a sizable 16,900 Instagram followers thanks to her unique and appealing drawings. Her life experiences are reflected in her artwork, and she uses her platform to tell the world about her experiences. Shreya has experience working on commissioned projects as a freelance illustrator and concept artist. She has drawn and painted portraits, landscapes, caricatures, comics, and cartoons. In this next section, let’s explore her best comics.

Credit: Shreya Animation

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#1. Time Management


#2. Friday Night Plans

#3. Festival


#4. Getting a dog

#5. Hair Cut


#6. Food Habit

According to the artist, we deal with awkward situations and everyday challenges that seem unique to us. Which makes it surprising that so many other people can relate to such specific moments. She captures such moments because other girls can relate to her comics and to show that they are not alone in their struggles. These awkward struggles happen in everybody’s life.

#7. Period


#8. Open Hair

#9. So relatable


#10. Curves

#11. Curly Hair


#12. Sanitizer

#13. New Dress


She is a master artist who masterfully depicts the highs and lows of daily life, especially in her empathetic and beautifully illustrated comics. Although she is active on several social media sites, her Instagram account is a fantastic opportunity to see her most recent creations and gain an understanding of her creative process. By following this link, you can view her best comics on our website as well.

#14. Night Owl

#15. True


#16. Diet

#17. Dressing Up


#18. Get Bored

#19. Door Bell


#20. Morning

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