20 Shower Thoughts Comics Based on Weird Situations and Dark Humor

Humor is a healthy way to deal with difficult emotions or experiences. Whenever you feel stressed, it is the best way to enjoy or do activities that make you feel relaxed and refreshed. For humor, enjoying comics is the best way. Comics can help you see situations from a different angle, making them seem less overwhelming and making you feel relaxed. That’s why we have another good collection of comics for you.


A series of darkly humorous and sarcastic drawings was created by an Indian artist who goes by the username Shower Thoughts Comics. In his works, he discusses a wide range of subjects, such as politics, religion, social injustice, and mental health. His comics are mostly based on weird situations and dark humor. He has an audience of 11,400 fans who appreciate his genuine sense of humor. Let’s examine a few of his most excellent dark comics.

Credit: Shower Thoughts Comics

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#1. Stole my heart

#2. All in


#3. Too Young

#4. Get Revenge


#5. Important Tasks

#6. Dad Jokes


A few personal details have been given by the artist. He made the decision to remain nameless to his audience. He also makes his Instagram account private. If you want to see his comics, then you have to follow him on his Instagram account. He creates amusing comics out of his silly ideas, and he usually gets his best ideas when he is spending time with friends or having a shower.

#7. Hilarious

#8. Final Decision


#9. Bad Teeth

#10. Human Brain


#11. Alarm

#12. Writing


#13. Give me a hug


#14. Robbery

#15. Sorry


His writing is simple but impressive. He highlights the comedy in his jokes by using detailed features and emotive gestures to portray his characters. He also uses a lot of dark humor and visuals, which some viewers may find frightening at first but ultimately help him make his point. If you find this blog interesting, then do not forget to share it.

#16. Never Come Back

#17. Never Played it


#18. Exposure

#19. Welcome


#20. Happy Birthday

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