20 Short Packed Comics Shows Situations While Working in a Toy Store


Today we are back with another collection of comics based on different themes than usual. Let me introduce you to a new web comic that you are not familiar with. Short packed is a web comic created by David Willis that ran from 2005 to 2015. It takes place in a fictional toy store called Short packed and follows the lives of its quirky employees as they deal with customers, pop culture obsessions, and the general chaos of retail life.

This web comic uses a variety of appealing characters. One of the key cast members is Robin, a comic book lover and energetic speedster. Mike is a humorous, long-time staff member. The silent manager is Ethan. Amber is the sharp but energetic beginner, and Malaya is the optimist and brilliant artist. All of these characters are perfectly captured in different situations in his comics. You can check it out by keeping scrolling.

Credit: Short Packed

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#1. Critical Rockridge Theory


#2. Tap tap

#3. Victory


#4. Super hot

#5. George Jetson


#6. Kind of weird

He mostly shows the realities of retail work, including dealing with demanding customers, stocking shelves, and the never-ending battle against boredom. The characters have their own lives, relationships, and hobbies, adding depth and humor to the comics. Several volumes of short-packed comics have been published and might be available online or in comic book stores.

#7. Batman


#8. Nice

#9. Going Outside


#10. Master piece

#11. Impossible


#12. Another universe

#13. How to explain


#14. Dream

He still has an active website where you can browse the archives of comics. He is usually active on his social media platforms, allowing you to connect with other fans and discuss the comics. His comics show a hilarious and relatable look at geek culture, retail life, and the bonds of friendship. If you find this blog interesting, don’t forget to hit the share button.

#15. New fast Action


#16. Get out of here

#17. Close Call


#18. Fault

#19. That’s not good


#20. Commercials

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