20 Humorous Comics Based on Random Situations to Make Your Day Better


Looking for a laugh? Dive into the wild world of Shizzblatt’s comics on Reddit! They’re like a burst of joy, using everyday situations and adding a twist that’ll have you chuckling in no time. Shizzblatt has this knack for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, but in the funniest way possible.

You’re stuck in a long line at the grocery store, right? It’s boring, the beeping of the scanners is monotonous, and then bam! Shizzblatt’s comic pops up on your feed, showing a potato having a debate with a tomato about who’s more “mashable.” Suddenly, the mundane becomes hysterical, and you find yourself trying not to laugh out loud while everyone else wonders what’s gotten into you.

Credit: Shizzblatt

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#1. Divorce Lawyer


#2. Looking Good

#3. Everyone is a critic


#4. Micro Managed

These comics aren’t just about jokes; they’re like little moments of pure creativity. Ever wondered what it would be like if a penguin became a motivational speaker for squirrels? Shizzblatt has you covered. Their comics aren’t just random; they’re a blend of randomness, imagination, and a sprinkle of quirkiness that creates this perfect recipe for a brighter day.

#5. Who is using who?


#6. Showers

#7. Getting Hammered


#8. You are next

#9. Bare Wolf


What’s brilliant about Shizzblatt’s work is that you don’t need a PhD in rocket science to get the jokes. They’re relatable on a human level. It’s like your daily struggles suddenly turn into a funny story you’d share with your best buddy over pizza. And hey, don’t let the simplicity fool you. The artwork might seem straightforward, but it’s like the cherry on top of a hilarious cake. The expressions on the characters, the vibrant colors—everything just adds to the comedic effect, making it even more enjoyable.

#10. Eclipsing the competition

#11. Computer Class


#12. Mightiest

#13. Good Boy


#14. School

#15. Tension at the convention


One of the best parts? These comics aren’t just one-time gigs. Shizzblatt’s Reddit account is a treasure trove. Each scroll reveals a new gem, a fresh take on something ordinary turned extraordinary by a stroke of comedic genius. So, the next time you’re feeling a bit down or the day seems a bit dull, take a detour to Shizzblatt’s corner on Reddit. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind journey through absurdity that’ll leave you smiling, chuckling, and maybe even snorting with laughter. Because sometimes, all it takes is a comic about a philosophical banana to make your day shine a bit brighter.

#16. No signal

#17. Jelly Fish


#18. Forgetting to remember

#19. Second Thoughts


#20. Labor Camp

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