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Sheep and Cloud is an Instagram account that features the weekly adventures of Sheep and Cloud, created by Sean E. Avery. It follows the adventures of a sheep and a cloud, who are best friends. The comics are often funny and heartwarming, but they also explore darker themes such as anxiety, depression, and death. Avery created Sheep and Cloud Comics as a way to explore his darker sense of humor for grownups. The comics have been praised for their unique humor and their willingness to tackle difficult topics.

He is also the author-illustrator of several children’s picture books, but he wanted to create a comic that would allow him to tell more adult-oriented stories. Avery has said that he wants his comics to be “funny and dark, but also relatable.” He wants readers to be able to laugh at his comics but also to think about the deeper issues that they explore. In one comic, the sheep is feeling anxious about the future. The cloud suggests that they just enjoy the present moment.

In another comic, the sheep and cloud are talking about death. The sheep is scared of dying, but the cloud tries to comfort him by saying that death is just a natural part of life. In the end, the sheep and cloud agree that they just need to make the most of the time they have together. He has a significant following of 5,953 followers on Instagram, which is still growing. Sheep and Cloud Comics is a unique and thought-provoking webcomic that explores a wide range of topics. It is both funny and heartwarming, and it is sure to resonate with readers of all ages.

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#1. Awful Monster

#2. It Never Ends

#3. Awful Things

#4. Shark Tooth Necklace

#5. Asking for Permission

#6. Classic Cut

#7. Climb a Mountain

#8. Travel Back

#9. Diversified

#10. Chocolate Eaters

#11. What are you doing?

#12. High Lamb

#13. Vape

#14. Old Couple

#15. Things to Enjoy

#16. So Rude

#17. Coffee Drinkers

#18. TV News

#19. You Want One?

#20. Receiving Flowers

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