20 Sepkho Comics Based on Dark Humor and Hilarious Twists

Sephko Comics is a webcomic created by Gojko Franulic, also known as Sephko. He has been creating comics for many years because he wanted to use funny pictures and witty writing to express his hilarious inner ideas. His comics are known for their dark humor, often dealing with existential themes and social commentary. They are typically four panels long and feature simple, eye-catching art.

His comics revolve around the absurd and funny stories that come from his mind. And he captures those ideas with his own unique twist. He has amassed almost 57,500 followers on Instagram. He created the majority of the ideas and illustrations in his comics himself. Now enjoy a nice laugh while reading these beautifully ridiculous comics from the artist. See the gallery by scrolling to the bottom.

Credit: Sephko Comics

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#1. Life is so unfair

#2. Very Soft

#3. Feline Advice

#4. Apply for everything

#5. New Year

#6. The Story

Sephko comics mostly shows themes of death, existentialism, technology, and the absurdity of life. His comics are published on the artist’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. He has a large and dedicated following online, with millions of views and shares across his platforms. This is all because of his humble nature and his hard work to create such fabulous comics for his fans.

#7. Life with cat

#8. Let’s Draw

#9. Cat Lover

#10. Determination

#11. Plans

#12. What an adventure

#13. Climate Change

#14. Demons

He has won several awards for his work, including the Urh Slovenija Award for Best Comic Strip and the Adamson Award for Best International Comic Strip. His comics have been translated into multiple languages and have been featured in publications such as The New Yorker and MAD Magazine. Hopefully, you people also like his comics. For more enjoyment, simply click here.

#15. talk to the boss

#16. Fireball

#17. They are real

#18. Solar Storm

#19. Touch

#20. Game Store

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