See how your favorite princesses and superheroes aged

While you were growing up, their heads would fill with gray hair […]

While you were growing up, their heads would fill with gray hair and it was impossible to hide the wrinkles in their tight latex suits. Who said that superheroes and princesses didn’t age? But boy did they do it with style!

A creative Russian illustrator set out to imagine what your favorite Marvel, Disney and DC movie characters would look like if the years didn’t go by in vain on their physique. They would be super fun old men! Who wouldn’t die to have such nice grandparents?

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1. Some continue to do their thing

2. Friendships that grew stronger over time

3. They already look like great-great-grandparents!


4. The superpowers are still there

5. And they learned to give them new uses

6. Two geniuses playing chess


7. In the end, they became friends with their enemies.

8. They carry memories in their hearts

9. Some even have 7 lives!


10. The captain never lost chivalry

11. Iron Man is still a heart-breaker

12. Pocahontas changed the prince for a hero


13. Guess who is the living portrait of his grandmother!

14. Ariel now has 3 little mermaid grandchildren

15. And Thor uses his hammer to do woodwork


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