20 Secret Goblin Comics Full of Random Jokes and Clever Punchlines

Almost everyone has experienced random situations. Although we are not very aware of such situations, we assume that they must also occur to us when we come across them in comics. Through his comics, Instagram user Secret Goblin illustrates this. The brilliant mind behind this Instagram account is Jared Downing. He is an artist from the United States. The artist is well-known for his absurd circumstances and sense of humor.

His comics are mostly personal and are based on random events in his daily life. His comics depend on an honest look and clever punchlines. He believes that he can capture all the humor in just four panels, which is why he typically creates four-panel comics. He also says that four-panel comic strips are a lot of fun to read. That’s why he keeps drawing cartoons in his own style. He has 6,271 followers on Instagram. Let’s enjoy a selection of his finest comics.

Credit: Secret Goblin

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#1. Birth Patrol

#2. Magnet

#3. Internet Contest


#4. Culture Competition

#5. Self Confidence

#6. Great Room


Even though he doesn’t have a large enough Instagram following, his comics remain excellent. He says that illustration ideas usually originate from random thoughts and memes that one comes upon while perusing social media. His comics are clearly fresh and lively in every frame. His drawings are equally colorful and guaranteed to grab your attention right away.

#7. What’s Wrong?

#8. They didn’t think this one through

#9. Polite


#10. Game Shop

#11. Workers

#12. It’s Closing


#13. Dad

#14. Demon Lord

He continues on to add that it takes him an hour to complete one comic. He learned how to draw from his best friend, and out of interest, he chose to continue painting and drawing. From then on, he continued to watch what was happening. To further develop his artistic skills and provide an opportunity for others to take part in his work, he wants to make comics. We are sure that you will like this blog. Have a great day.

#15. Honestly we should have seen some of this coming


#16. Detention Level

#17. A lot of things

#18. Tiger Queen


#19. Fan Base

#20. Can not Stay

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