20 Scribbly G Comics Based on Hilarious Situations and Unexpected Puns


If you are a fan of dark humor, then you have come to the right place because we have brought you another collection of dark comics by Gareth Evans. He is a South African cartoonist who currently resides in Milton Keynes, UK, and goes by the name Scribbly G. The artist is well-known for his wide range of humorous comics and illustrations, which include single panels, multi-panel formats, and even graphic novels.

He began drawing comics as a hobby and became so successful that he now has 44,000 followers on Instagram. His artistic journey began almost four years ago, and his comics are characterized by a dark sense of humor. After showing his friends his comics, his friend advised him to post them online. Despite thinking it was a dumb idea, he posted a few times to see what the public thought. He continued because, as it turned out, people enjoyed his comics. Now it is a well-known web comic in the world of comics.

Credit: Scribbly G

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#1. Time machine


#2. The Genie Returns

#3. Hilarious


#4. works every time

#5. you are the one


#6. The Cave magician

In simple terms, he began making comics as a form of therapy for depression. His comic’s main topic is dark humor with a hint of weirdness. Regarding his comics, he remarks, If he thinks it’s funny, he is pretty sure at least one other person will laugh, and that’s a victory. His primary objective is to make people smile with his amazing comics. And he consistently does so.

#7. Looks weird


#8. Marry me

#9. The adventures of Pirate Kitty


#10. Surviving a bear attack

#11. Three wishes


#12. so dumb

#13. fly day


#14. Vegetables

#15. Dave man goes shopping


His art style is simple yet expressive, with bold lines and a focus on character and emotion. His work has been featured in publications such as The Times, Air Mail, The Critic, and The Oldie, as well as web comics for mobile games like The Walking Dead, Mattel’s Uno, and Phase 10. If you find his comics and want to enjoy them more, then you can see his previous posts on our website by simply clicking here.

#16. running alive

#17. Coach


#17. Ghost

#18. Adorable


#19. Papa Africa

#20. Pronounce


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