Here are 20 Political Comics Based on Hilarious Situations To Make Your Day


Welcome, fellow connoisseurs of the whimsical, the wry, and the artfully drawn! Nestled in the vibrant digital expanse of the internet lies a veritable haven for enthusiasts of inked narratives and visual wit: Comics Kingdom. This virtual sanctuary isn’t just a hub; it’s a universe where comic strip aficionados, political cartoon devotees, and puzzle enthusiasts converge in shared delight.

Picture this: a realm where humor reigns supreme, where satire dances gracefully on the pages, and where mental gymnastics, disguised as puzzles, await eager minds. Since its inception, Comics Kingdom has emerged as a cherished destination for people far and wide, offering a daily remedy for mundanity through its delightful concoction of humor, satire, and mental stimulation.

Credit: Comics Kingdom

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#1. No Big Deal


#2. Literature Class

#3. Midnight Oil


#4. Clomp!

#5. Your Turn


At the helm of this vibrant kingdom stand two creative maestros, the architects behind this digital symphony of laughter and wit: Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. Their prowess isn’t just evident in the sheer popularity of this online emporium but also in the resonance it holds with a global audience. With 13,800 Instagram followers and growing, their artistic ingenuity transcends borders, uniting audiences under the common banner of visual storytelling.

#6. Going To Hell

#7. Inner Peace


#8. Let’s Begin Your Journey

#9. Spirit Guide


But what makes Comics Kingdom an irreplaceable gem in the digital mosaic? It’s not merely the ink on the virtual pages; it’s the vivid tapestry of emotions, reflections, and societal commentary encapsulated in each frame. From the chuckle-inducing antics of beloved characters to the incisive political caricatures that nudge us to ponder, every strip is a portal to a miniature universe, crafted with finesse and brimming with depth.

#10. Schedule

#11. College Pressure


#12. Too Much

#13. Dish Washer


The allure of Comics Kingdom lies not just in its humor but in its ability to transcend language barriers, cultural nuances, and geographic boundaries. Here, a shared appreciation for the artistry of Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman unites souls from different corners of the world, weaving a colorful mosaic of diverse perspectives and shared laughter.

#14. Next Please!

#15. Warming Center


#16. Speeding Ticket

#17. Vegetarian


Venture into this digital fiefdom, and you’ll find a treasure trove of timeless strips, a menagerie of characters etched in our collective consciousness, and puzzles that tantalize the intellect. It’s not merely a pastime; it’s an invitation to explore the myriad facets of human emotions, societal reflections, and the sheer joy of losing oneself in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

#18. Alternative

#19. Therapy


#20. Still Fits

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