20 Scare Crowbar Comics Shows Situations Happening in Office Life and Everyday Tasks

Scare Crowbar is a web comic series created by a New York-based illustrator named Tom Hunt. This web comic is known for its sarcastic and witty humor. He is the artist who creates comics based on relatable situations that happen in office life and everyday tasks. He shows the struggles of office life and modern living. His art style is simple, with characters without lips. But she is still managing to convey a range of emotions.


Tom Hunt has a website and social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, where he mostly shares his comics. He is a brilliant artist who has a perfect sense of humor. He currently has a huge audience of 12,100 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected his best comics to make your day better. We hope you can relate to and enjoy his comics.

Credit: Scare Crowbar

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#1. What’s everyone’s embarrassing high school memory?


#2. Meeting people is easy


#3. Willing to pay

#4. It never gets old


#5. Registered to vote

#6. Escalating problems


While working in an office, he mostly has a rough day. After getting home, he loves to draw different things. One day, he thought about how it would be fun to draw on his experience from office life and everyday tasks with a hilarious touch. This motivated him to create comics. His comics are always enjoyed by people who work in offices.

#7. Cover your mouth

#8. Making it political


#9. Conservative Party

#10. Big Fan


#11. Good News

#12. Agreed


#13. An open letter to Spotify

#14. How It Works


#15. Seems So flexible

As stated in his profile, a robot from the future was sent here to create comics and events. Even the most difficult situations have been skillfully turned into amusing thoughts by the artist. You can easily laugh at the illustrations based on the creator’s life because of this. The main motivation for his comics comes from that encounter. His jokes are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Have a great day.

#16. Nutter Butters


#17. Stop reading

#18. Can’t move


#19. Still lasted longer than most New Years resolutions

#20. The Cube


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