20 Times A Female Artist Shares Her Experiences in a Relatable Way

Sarah is a talented female comic strip artist who runs a web comic titled Sarah’s Comic Life. She is a comic book artist who bases her works on the expectations and realities of everyday life for girls. In her comics, she primarily depicts herself as a character to help girls identify with the events she depicts. Her comics portray the realistic as well as amusing scenarios that a young woman experiences in her day-to-day existence.

She creates funny and relatable comics about everyday life. Her main focus is on the experiences of modern women. She has an impressive following on Instagram, with 22,800 followers. Her drawings focus on a wide range of topics, including friendships, anxiety, self-love, and everyday issues. Her top 20 illustrations are collected in the following section. If you want to understand these comics, keep reading.

Credit: Sarah’s comic life

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#1. All Nighters

#2. Phone Calls

#3. Brushing Teeth


#4. Birthday

#5. Hair dresser

#6. Overwhelmed


She is a talented artist from Germany who is a true expert in her area. The artist specializes in portraying the positive and negative aspects of everyday life, particularly in her sensitive and attractive comics. She generally draws comics with four panels. She depicts the expectations that girls have and the realities that most girls face.

#7. Mature

#8. Dishes

#9. Fast Food


#10. Grocery Shopping

#11. Mirror Face

#12. Scratchy Thing


#13. Distraction

Despite being active on multiple social media platforms, her Instagram account provides a great way to view her most recent works and gain knowledge about her creative process. She additionally shows special beauty tips and tricks in her comics to help you look better. If you are a girl, you will definitely enjoy this blog. For more such comics, regularly visit our website.

#14. Face Masks

#15. Take a seat


#16. Attention

#17. Knowledge

#18. Go Outside


#19. Band Aid

#20. The Worst Pain

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