Artist Sarah Graley Shows Her Daily Life With Husband and Four Cats (20 Comics)

Our Super Adventure is the web comic series that we are about to discuss today. You are mostly familiar with this comic series because of its success. Sarah Graley is a British cartoonist and the owner of this hilarious web comic. She started this web comic back in 2012. She displays her day-to-day activities with her partner, who goes by the name Stef Purenins. She is renowned for her touching moments along with her relatable humor as well.

The birthplace of Sarah Graley is Northampton, England. She graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. She has become well-known in the comic book industry due to the positive reviews her comics have received and her nominations for important awards like the Eisner Award. After doing graphic design, she started making comics about her life and captured those moments in four-panel comics.

Credit: Sarah Graley

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From enjoying a fantastic night in with their cats to facing the humorous challenges of daily life, anybody who has ever been in a relationship can relate to Sarah and Stef’s experiences in the following gallery. You can also enjoy her earlier articles on our website by clicking here and here.

#1. Big Spoon Please

#2. Looks Cool

#3. Smooch Before You Go


#4. Cute Photos with Cat

#5. Stay Hydrated

The comics series focuses on Sarah’s everyday routine and that of their four animal friends. Toby, Wilson, Pixel, and Pesto are their nicknames. She can mostly be seen doing silly things with her pets. She has 670,000 Instagram followers. What makes her comic so relatable is its imaginative and realistic portrayal of everyday life. It mostly focuses on the sweet and humorous times shared with loved ones, especially the furry ones.

#6. Hungry


#7. Favorite Goblin Child

#8. Food Looks Amazing

#9. Spidery Secrets


#10. Crash

#11. Loves to be patted

She regularly utilizes their cat-filled home as a lens through which to portray the pleasures and difficulties of ordinary life. Anyone who has ever lived their life with a furry companion can relate to the humor, which ranges from amusing pet ownership issues to naughty kitten tricks. She also depicts the truth about having a pet. The dirty times, hairballs, and destroyed furniture are all depicted in the comics, along with the companionship and unconditional love that cats provide.

#12. Perfect hug lasts


#13. Being Boring

#14. Thank You

#15. Most Comfortable Spot


#16. Eat another bite

#17. Hot Crisps Alert

In order for readers to have access to it in printed form, graphic novel volumes have also been produced. She occasionally responds to her fans comments in addition to reading them. Sarah constantly communicates with those who follow her through her social media profiles and even live streaming alongside Stef. That’s how she shows her love and respect for her fans.

#18. Next to Wilson


#19. Like the new Sweater

#20. Small Dragon

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