20 Sarah Graley Comics Shows Her Daily Life with Her Partner and Cats

Canadian cartoonist Sarah Graley is well-known for her charming, realistic, and often amusing drawings about relationships, daily life, and her passion for cats. The ongoing journal comic series Our Super Adventure, which she created together with her wife Stef Purenins and shows their adventures with their four female companions, is her most well-known creation. She has 672,000 Instagram followers on her account.

It’s renowned for its cute kitty things, relevant scenarios, and humor. Toby, Pixel, Pesto, and Wilson are their four feline friends. The heart of her comic is in its clever and realistic portrayal of everyday life, which often highlights the adorable and humorous times spent with loved ones, especially the furry ones. In this part, let’s explore her top 20 comics.

Credit: Sarah Graley Comics

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#1. Not that Dark

#2. Life With Cats

#3. Time Skip

#4. Time for bed

#5. How much?

#6. Earned a pizza

Our Super Adventure was initially launched as a webcomic in 2012. It has gained immense popularity, garnering a loyal readership. It’s also been collected into graphic novel volumes, allowing fans to enjoy it in print. Sarah actively engages with their audience through their website, social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and even streams on Twitch with Stef.

#7. Belly Button

#8. Where’s my phone?

#9. Never boring

#10. No Grinding

#11. Less Cute

#12. Something Dangerous

#13. Best Food

#14. Sniff

Sarah Graley was born in Northampton, England, on October 3, 1991. She graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a BA in visual communication. Their comics have received positive reviews and nominations for prestigious awards like the Eisner Award, solidifying their place as beloved works in the graphic novel landscape. If you want to enjoy her earlier articles on our website, then click here and here.

#15. Lick

#16. Back Pack

#17. Don’t Shake

#18. Breath2015-02-28

#19. What’s wrong?

#20. Medical Science

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