Here are 20 Sanity Space Comics About the Adventures of a Cat Girl

A busy schedule can leave your mind feeling tired, and adventures are a fantastic way to make it relax. Taking a step back from the pressures of work and daily life allows your body to relax and reduce stress hormones. While an adventure can be thrilling, difficult, or just peaceful, the change of scenery itself can be a very effective stress reliever. This is what a female comic creator on Instagram portrays in her works.


Let me introduce an Instagram account named Sanity Space Comics. It is a science fantasy adventure comic series created by Molly Brooks. It centers around two teenage girls whose good names are Sanity and Tallulah. They live on a space station called Wilnick. They currently have an audience of 21,700 followers on their Instagram account. You can check out their best comics by scrolling through this blog.

Credit: Sanity Space Comics

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#1. Customers


#2. Husband


#3. Let me in

#4. Talking to a girl


#5. Another story

#6. Clothing


The artist draws herself as a cat girl character in her fabulous comics. There are two other characters, which are mostly seen in her comics. Sanity is a brilliant but cautious teenage girl. Tallulah is a free-spirited and impulsive teenage girl. All of her comics are mostly based on these three characters, which are always enjoyable.

#7. Already Cheating

#8. So Sorry


#9. No Pickles

#10. Too Small


#11. Lighten Up

#12. Posts doing well


#13. Wish

#14. Anime Expo


Basically, this comic book follows their adventures as they get into trouble and use their cleverness to solve problems. She mostly uses anime-themed backgrounds in her comics to make them look attractive. She also loves to watch anime characters. Her fans always enjoy their adventures and find their comics interesting. We hope you also enjoyed her comics. Have a great time.

#15. Spell

#16. Anything


#17. Life is different

#18. Do not kill me


#19. Sadness

#20. Problem


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