25 Quick Humor Comics Full of Ironic Twists by a Cartoonist Who Has 1.6 Million Followers




Safely Endangered Comics, created by Chris McCoy, burst onto the online scene in 2012. What started as a small project on social media platforms quickly gained traction due to its relatable content and quick humor. The comic’s simple yet effective art style, characterized by its adorable characters and minimalistic backgrounds, adds to its undeniable appeal. It is a webcomic that features random and unexpected cartoons. The comics are known for their silliness and often have a surreal or ironic twist.

In an era where visual clutter is the norm, Safely Endangered Comics stands out for its minimalist approach. The absence of complex details and intricate backgrounds places the focus squarely on the dialogue and characters, creating a direct connection between the 1.6 million readers and the comic’s essence. This simplicity amplifies the impact of each punchline and emphasizes the comic’s inherent charm. Each comic strip is a mini masterpiece that invites readers into absurd scenarios.

Safely Endangered Comics is more than just a collection of humorously drawn panels; it’s a testament to the power of simplicity, relatability, and creative storytelling. Chris McCoy’s ability to capture the essence of everyday life and transform it into a source of laughter has solidified the comic’s place in the hearts of readers worldwide. As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern existence, the delightful escapism provided by Safely Endangered Comics is a reminder that humor can be found in even the most ordinary moments. If you want to enjoy a new collection of comics, then scroll down to the section below because we have compiled his best 25 illustrations in the next section.

If you’re interested in relishing his earlier content on Boredcomics, simply click right here and here.

Credit: Safely Endangered Comics

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#1. Hell

#2. Talk

#3. Water

#4. Bug

#5. My Lord

#6. Vote

#7. Play

#8. Clean your room

#9. Vacuum Town

#10. Babies

#11. Hungry

#12. Robots

#13. Neuralyzer

#14. Video Games

#15. What’s wrong?

#16. How to?

#17. Problem

#18. Fast

#19. Conversation

#20. Super Soldier

#21. Mysteries

#22. Attention

#23. Universe

#24. Don’t look down

#25. Help

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