Here are 20 Relatable Comics about Random Situations by Cartoonist Ryan


Today, let’s embark on a journey into the vibrant and whimsical world of Ryan Altounji, the creative genius known as ryanimated.ig on Instagram. Based in the bustling city of Dubai, Ryan is an animator and illustrator extraordinaire, captivating over 10,200 followers with his colorful and imaginative comics.

So, what makes Ryan’s work stand out in the sea of social media creativity? Well, it’s his knack for infusing popular culture into his art. You name it; he’s probably doodled it! From beloved characters to iconic symbols, Ryan weaves them seamlessly into his creations. His feed isn’t just about finished comics, though. It’s a kaleidoscope of illustrations, sketches, and sneak peeks behind his artistic process.

Credit: ryanimated.ig

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#1. Something Relatable


#2. Nobody Cares

#3. Happy Birthday


#4. Nice at work

#5. No Self Control


But how did Ryan kick-start this captivating web comic journey? Well, it all began with a spark of inspiration and a profound love for animation. Ryan’s passion for bringing characters to life led him to dive headfirst into the world of illustration and animation. Armed with talent and dedication, he honed his skills, each stroke of his pen paving the way for the colorful universe he shares with his followers today.

#6. Relatable

#7. Specific Stack


#8. Visit

#9. Notifications


#10. Different Moods

The real magic, though, lies in Ryan’s creative process. Ever wondered how those brilliant ideas pop into his head? Well, it’s a bit like catching fireflies in a jar—spontaneous yet magical. Sometimes, it’s a simple, everyday moment that triggers an idea. A funny conversation, a nostalgic memory, or even a stroll down the busy streets of Dubai—these seemingly ordinary occurrences often ignite Ryan’s imagination.

#11. Checking Out


#12. New Year Resolution

#13. Vacation


#14. Crap

#15. Look Busy


#16. Mental Health

Then comes the pivotal part—capturing those fleeting ideas before they flutter away like butterflies. Ryan’s sketchbook is his treasure trove, a canvas where thoughts take shape in vibrant hues and lively characters. From rough sketches to refined illustrations, each step in his process is a colorful dance of creativity. And that’s not all. Behind those charming comics lie hours of dedication and hard work. It’s a meticulous process of refining, animating, and adding that special touch of Ryan’s flair. It’s this dedication to his craft that breathes life into every character and storyline, captivating the hearts of his growing audience.

#17. Nipples


#18. Driving First Time

#19. Trick or Treat


#20. Long Time No See

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