20 Times Cartoonist Ruth Martin Captures Relatable Every Day Moments

Even though scrolling through social media may appear refreshing, it frequently leaves us feeling tired and empty. On the other hand, reading comics is a greater experience. Beyond just being entertaining, comics provide valuable perspectives and viewpoints. Each panel becomes a portal to a captivating story where you’re actively engaged with characters, plots, and captivating visuals.

Ruth Martin is a talented artist who is known as Sweetcornandlettuce on her Instagram account. She is a British cartoonist and mental health advocate whose work is known for its relatable observations from everyday life. Martin’s comics have gained a wide following on social media, with over 26,900 followers on Instagram alone. Let’s explore her best illustrations in the following section. We hope everyone will enjoy her comics.

Credit: Ruth Martin Comics

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#1. Spicy Food

#2. What the hell?

#3. Nope

#4. Happy Cat

#5. Hair Will Fall

#6. The Thin red line

The artist has loved to draw since childhood, which motivated her to start making comics, and that’s why she created her Instagram account. So that she can share her comics with a large audience. She frequently draws comics with four panels. The relatability of Martin’s writing is what really makes it unique. Her comics speak to shared feelings and experiences, giving readers a sense of being seen and understood while, most importantly, making us laugh.

#7. Artificial Intelligence

#8. New Ages

#9. Map to success

#10. How it feels

#11. Next Life

#12. Therapy

#13. Thank You

In conclusion, Ruth Martin’s comics are both funny and relatable. Her work has helped countless individuals feel less alone in their struggles, proving that laughter and understanding can be powerful tools to forget about the ups and downs of life for some time. So, if you’re looking for comics that will make you laugh, think, and feel, be sure to check out her comics.

#14. Don’t hold

#15. Say it

#16. How’s Life?

#17. Turning water into wine

#18. Does not matter

#19. Future

#20. Teachers

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