A Female Artist Encapsulates the Everyday Struggles of Being a Girl (20 Comics)




Girls may find themselves subjected to societal expectations and stereotypes about how they should behave, dress, or pursue their interests. These stereotypes can limit their choices and aspirations. Dealing with menstruation can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Additionally, the stigma around menstruation can make it a source of embarrassment or shame for some girls. It’s important to recognize that these struggles are not universal, and the experiences of girls can vary greatly. Many girls find strength and resilience in facing these challenges and working to overcome them.

Being a girl comes with its own set of unique challenges and everyday struggles. While these experiences can vary greatly from person to person, there are some common themes and issues that many girls may face as they navigate life. We will explore these issues in this article. If you want to enjoy her comics, then take a cup of tea and scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Ritavigovszky

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#1. Makeup

#2. Being a girl is not easy

#3. Hair Expectations

#4. With Cat

#5. Different Profiles

#6. Sleep Time

Rita Szederke Vigovszky is a freelance illustrator based in Hungary. She has a remarkable talent for capturing the everyday struggles and experiences of being a girl through her comics. With humor, empathy, and a keen eye for detail, she brings to life the challenges, quirks, and triumphs that many girls can relate to. She has an Instagram account with the handle @ritavigovszky, where she shares her illustrations and has 8,629 followers. Her comics are always amusing to her fans, and they are eagerly waiting for them.

#7. Being over 30s

#8. Depression

#9. Black Dress

#10. Harry Potter

#11. Skinny Jeans

#12. Childish

#13. Don’t Remember

Her work is known for its soft colors, playful characters, and whimsical style. She often draws inspiration from nature, childhood memories, and her own experiences as a mother. Her comics explore a wide range of emotions, from moments of joy and laughter to instances of frustration and vulnerability. By depicting this full spectrum of feelings, Rita validates the complex emotional experiences that girls go through. Vigovszky’s work is a delight to the senses, and her illustrations are sure to bring a smile to your face.

#14. Spend Time With Pets

#15. Can you relate?

#16. New concept of time

#17. Never Ending Cycle

#18. Being on period

#19. Music Festival

#20. Summer Clothes

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