20 Quirky Comics by an Artist Who Has a Unique Sense of Humor to Capture Bizarre Situations

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Quirky comics are a distinct genre within the world of comic art, and what sets them apart are their unique characteristics and their special ability to evoke laughter. Quirky comics are known for their unconventional, offbeat humor. They often break away from traditional comedic structures, eschewing predictable punchlines in favor of surprising and absurd twists. This unpredictability is a key factor in making readers laugh. They take ordinary situations and add a surreal or fantastical element. This absurdity can be a powerful source of humor because it challenges our expectations and surprises us.


Crafting truly quirky comics that consistently surprise and amuse readers can be challenging. The element of unpredictability is hard to maintain, and not everyone possesses the natural knack for it. These comics are often an extension of the artist’s unique personality and worldview. They require a specific type of creative thinking that not everyone possesses. Each artist brings their own quirks and experiences to their work, which sets them apart. Today, we bring such an artist to you. We hope you will enjoy her comics.

Credit: Rhiannon Kagoe

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#1. Chris Redfield takes the green herb

image 902

#2. The scariest moment of Resident

image 903

#3. Wesker has a collection

image 904

#4. Wesker can’t lie to Rebecca

image 905

#5. What happens when you discover Slipknot

image 906

#6. Jill and Barry investigate the dining room blood stain

image 907

#7. Chris Redfield isn’t sure about Wesker’s game plan

image 908

#8. What happened to Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters

image 909

Rhiannon Kagoe is a British watercolor comic artist and illustrator. She is known for her cute and quirky comics about video games, pop culture, and everyday life. Kagoe’s work is often praised for its relatability, its humor, and its heartwarming moments. Her comics often deal with mundane topics such as work, relationships, and self-care. However, she always finds a way to add her own unique spin to these topics, making them both funny and relatable. That’s why she is able to reach an audience of 22,100 on her Instagram account.

#9. Albert Wesker can’t be seen without his glasses

image 910

#10. Albert Wesker warns Jill Valentine there’s an intruder in the Spencer mansion

image 911

#11. Why Jill Valentine hates these dogs

image 912

#12. Lady Dimitrescu has been wondering about Mother Miranda’s plan

image 913

#13. How to handle a crush

image 914

#14. A new perspective

image 915

#15. Happy Valentine’s day!

image 916

The thing that makes Kagoe’s work so special is her use of color. Her comics are full of bright and vibrant colors, which makes them visually appealing and eye-catching. Kagoe’s use of color also helps to create a sense of warmth and happiness in her work. Reading Kagoe’s comics is like stepping into a carnival funhouse of imagination. You can never anticipate the twists and turns that lie ahead. Bizarre situations are transformed into fantastical and surreal adventures. It’s as if Kagoe has a passport to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mundane becomes delightfully outlandish.

#16. Angie never misses a chance to be an annoyance

image 917

#17. Check on your local mean girl

image 918

#18. Every mission Chris finds a way to remind Jill beauty is subjective

image 919

#19. The moment Fluff stopped wanting to date mean women

image 920

#20. Lady Dimitrescu’s surviving maid investigates the mutant flies

image 921

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