Here are 20 Stupid illustrations by Remi Lascault For Dark Humor Lovers


In the vast realm of Instagram, artists from various backgrounds and styles captivate audiences with their unique creations. One such artist who stands out is Rémi Lascault, a talented individual who specializes in creating “stupid illustrations” that cater to the twisted sense of humor of dark humor lovers. With a distinctive artistic style and a penchant for pushing boundaries, Lascault has gained a dedicated following and carved a niche for himself in the digital art world.

Rémi Lascault is a 32-year-old French artist who creates 4-panel comics for people with a dark sense of humor. He has been drawing comics since he was a kid and is now a creative director and comic artist based in Paris, France. Rémi Lascault’s comics are filled with absurd humor and unexpected twists. His comics often feature puns and wordplay, as well as dark humor. Rémi Lascault has gained a following of 72,500 on social media for his unique style of comics.

He is active on Instagram and Twitter, where he shares updates about his work and personal life. Rémi Lascault is also an art director in advertising and an amateur photographer. In the world of comedy and art, pushing boundaries is essential, and Rémi Lascault fearlessly ventures into unconventional territory. His artwork often examines sensitive subjects, creating a dialogue that encourages viewers to question their own beliefs and embrace a more open-minded perspective. We have compiled his best 20 illustrations in the next section. If you want to enjoy them, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Remi Lascault

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#1. Baby


#2. TGIF

#3. Diving


#4. Perspective

#5. Recycling


#6. Shopping

#7. Fortune teller


#8. Happy

#9. Love time


#10. Happy Valentines Day

#11. Looks Weird


#12. Got it

#13. The light at the end of the tunnel


#14. Cave man

#15. Massage


#16. Sunrise

#17. Medic


#18. Rainbow

#19. Watch the sky


#20. Conquest

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