Artist Create Depicts Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend In 25 Illustrations Comics

Artist Create Depicts Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend In 25 Illustrations Comics

When you’re in love with someone, holding hands, visiting places together, and sharing each other’s cute photos on social media becomes one thing.

Being in love involves worrying when your partner comes back late than usual, paying attention and offering solutions to your partner’s challenges, as well as properly caring for your partner when they are ill.

True love simply means loving your partner unconditionally and being there at all times without waiting for payment. All of the above is, however, what illustrator Long Thuy has revealed in her works. the artist uses her illustration to describe her daily life and her adorable moments with her boyfriend. Making people smile at how cute the couple is, Thuy’s illustrations are fun, cute, and perfectly show the couple’s goals.

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Luong Thuy likes to draw girls who are true to themselves and show their real emotions even when they are sad. She is not afraid to draw body curves that some artists might avoid and girls with colorful hair. When she was asked about her drawing style, the artist said: “I have tried to draw many styles before. But then, I liked the simpler styles better. I always try to draw so that anyone looking at me can understand the content I want to convey.





Through the drawings that I make, most importantly, I want to portray the good memories I have with my boyfriend. I also want people to feel happy and optimistic when they see my paintings. Sometimes some of my followers text me about their love stories or share their problems with me. I can’t always give people the right advice, but I am always willing to share my experiences with them, helping them feel relieved. I am also glad to know that I have helped you a little. Life is much better with love – said the artist. We must admit that these illustrations make us believe that true love really exists!




















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