20 Rd Animation Comics Based on Anime Series That Will Amuse You

Everyone loves to enjoy scrolling through social media. While scrolling social media, you may have seen many comics with a relatable and hilarious theme. But you see fewer comics based on anime series. That’s why we have a good collection of comics based on anime series for those who love to enjoy anime comics. Let me introduce you to Rohit Damai, who is an artist who creates funny and relatable anime-inspired comics and animations.

He is best known for her anime comic series named RD_Animations. The artist is very popular for her Facebook page, Anime Comics. He shares her work primarily on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, where he has built a following of over 329,000 Facebook fans and 28,600 Instagram followers. If you want to enjoy his best comics, then keep scrolling. We hope his comics will surely make your day better.

Credit: RD_Animations

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#1. Limited Data Plan

#2. That sounds fun

#3. Plan for new year

#4. It was Delicious

#5. So Cool

#6. Need Help

Rd_animations’ content typically features chibi-style characters from popular anime series like Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, and Boruto. The comics often poke fun at anime tropes, relatable situations, and everyday life. His comics are known for their clean and simple art style, witty humor, and relatable themes.

#7. Nice Idea

#8. It’s a trap

#9. don’t Worry

#10. Perfect Kid

#11. Stop me

#12. Too Light

#13. That was so good

#14. Friends

The main reason behind the popularity of his webcomic is that he chooses to make comics on topics that are not so well known by other artists. He often captures the essence of popular anime characters and situations in a way that is both funny and heartwarming. If you are also a fan of anime characters, then you will definitely become a fan of his comics.

#15. Want to be a doctor

#16. New Bike

#17. Perfect Being

#18. Parents be like

#19. Sorry

#20. April Fools

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