20 Radbot Comics Based on Hilarious Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

An artist from the San Francisco Bay Area created the hilarious comic strip Radbot Comics. His area of expertise is witty jokes that revolve around his own crazy concepts. It was created in 2011 by an outstanding artist whose real name is Dr. Jones. Making humorous comics is the artist’s passion. He also carries a wide collection of goods, including comic books and graphic novels.


He has a library in his house where he has a large collection of comic books. When he reads those comic books, he thinks about creating his own comic series. Then he started drawing comics and sharing them on his Instagram account. By working hard, he now has 30,100 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out some of his most hilarious comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Radbot Comics

More Info: Instagram

#1. What’s wrong?


#2. Observe


#3. little fan

#4. Borrow


#5. Rough Day

#6. Party


His love of drawing and doodling is the primary inspiration behind this comic series. He was inspired to start this comic strip by that thing. In order to satisfy his passion, he has drawn comics with his own concepts. The majority of his ideas come from reading books in his spare time. He also draws inspiration from things and situations that he experiences on a daily basis.

#7. Sleep

#8. Naming Committee


#9. Punch it

#10. Jet ski


#11. Bought it

#12. Fighting crime


#13. Blow out


#14. Ultimate comeback

#15. Feel


In addition, he works for a graphic design firm. Radbot Comics creates funny comics, but they also organize a lot of events all year long, such as workshops, art fairs, and writer autographs. Thus, you have to read his comics the next time you’re having a bad day. Click here and here to view his previous posts on our website.

#16. Bank Robbery

#17. In case anyone was wondering what blowholes are for


#18. Captain

#19. Destroy


#20. Some Shorts

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