20 Quatsch Cartoons Show Hilarious Jokes with Surprising Endings


Dieter Bevers, a Belgian cartoonist better known by his artistic name Quatsch, is the creator of Quatsch Cartoons. He is a freelance cartoonist. His humorous works are renowned for their crazy humor, sharp observations, and charmingly straightforward style. In his clever one-panel comics, which typically feature bizarre and funny scenarios. The humor is frequently situational and visual, drawing from feelings and experiences that are generally understood in everyday life.

Because of its hilarious artwork and smart storytelling, this entertaining web comic series has amassed a significant social media following. With more than 6,006 followers to date, Quatsch Cartoons has strengthened its reputation as a popular comic book series. Through his comics, Dieter Bevers depicts humorous and sometimes strange situations, showcasing his extraordinary creativity. His top 20 comics are available in the section below.

Credit: Quatsch Cartoons

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#1. The cat’s name is Tabby Road


#2. Don’t tap

#3. Paper straws


#4. Contest

#5. lifting weights


#6. Climb

The creator of this comic strip began it because he loved to sketch. To make people laugh, he uses his comics to illustrate the majority of his stupid ideas. Quatsch cartoons are mostly meant for amusement, but they can also prompt more in-depth thought. He occasionally addresses philosophical or societal themes, but he does it in an amusing manner. This beautiful combination of humor and challenging themes makes a lasting impression on the audience.

#7. Throwing rice


#8. Playing chess

#9. Vegetarian


#10. Eat more

#11. Bar


#12. Middle one

#13. Stop picking


#14. Film industry

His comics are the perfect way to enjoy free time. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, a moment of reflection, or simply a fresh perspective on the world around you, Quatsch cartoons are a delightful way to spend your time. We guarantee that your time will be worth it to watch these comics. For more such comics, feel free to visit here.

#15. New boyfriend


#16. go to work

#17. Heaven


#18. Very strange

#19. Bringing weeds


#20. Wine

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