This Cartoonist Always Creates Dark Humor Comics to Chuckle People’s Minds (20 Comics)

Instagram has emerged as a canvas for creative souls to showcase their talent and connect with audiences around the globe. Among the many talented artists who have harnessed the power of this platform is Pudinawala Comics, a gifted comic strip artist whose works have earned him the admiration of 2,135 Instagram followers and counting.


Pudinawala Comics is a breath of fresh air in the realm of digital art. Their comics are not only relatable but also bursting with dark humor that tickles the very essence of our existence. Every scroll through their Instagram feed is like a journey through the labyrinth of everyday life, where Pudinawala Comics acts as a mirror reflecting our quirks, eccentricities, and the mundane routines we often overlook.

Credit: Pudinawala Comics

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#1. See you later

#2. It’s time


#3. Finally Added

#4. Don’t worry


#5. To infinity

One of the hallmarks of Pudinawala Comics is their ability to take seemingly ordinary situations and spin them into comedic gold. From the trials and tribulations of adulthood to the complexities of relationships, Pudinawala Comics captures the essence of these experiences with uncanny precision. Each comic strip serves as a delightful nugget of wisdom, wrapped in humor, and delivered with a touch of irreverence.

#6. Savior


#7. Just be friends

#8. Time to get to work


#9. Spider Man

#10. Happy Birthday


But what truly sets Pudinawala Comics apart is their courage to tackle subjects that many might find uncomfortable. Dark humor is a challenging genre to master, as it requires a fine balance between humor and sensitivity. Pudinawala Comics has skillfully navigated this territory, bringing humor to topics that often lurk in the shadows and providing a unique and much-needed perspective on life’s inevitable hardships.

#11. Traffic

#12. Toppings


#13. Squid games

#14. No mercy


#15. Talk to fish

#16. Aliens


What sets Pudinawala Comics apart from the rest is their ability to find humor in the darkest corners of existence. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and Pudinawala Comics knows that all too well. Instead of shying away from the grittier aspects of life, they dive headfirst into them with a unique and refreshing perspective. Their comics are a reminder that sometimes the best way to cope with life’s challenges is through laughter.

#17. Magic school bus

#18. Sensible way


#18. Crime Scene

#19. KFC


#20. Unlocked

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