20 Dark Comics with Twisted Jokes By Puddle Munch Comics Will Surely Amuse You




Tyler Martin is a talented artist and creator of the webcomic series Puddle Munch Comics. His unique style of art and twisted humor have garnered him a significant following of 26,100 among fans of dark and irreverent comedy. He began developing his artistic talents at a young age. Over the years, he honed his skills as a cartoonist, experimenting with different styles and techniques.

At first glance, Tyler’s comics might seem shocking or even disturbing. However, upon closer inspection, one can see the clever wit and underlying social commentary that make his work so compelling. His comics often feature characters in bizarre and surreal situations where the punchline is always unexpected and often macabre. What sets Puddle Munch Comics apart is the way that Tyler blends humor with darker themes. He is a true original in the world of webcomics, and his work is sure to continue to garner attention and praise from fans and critics alike.

His cartoons may be both hilarious and frightening, forcing readers to consider the deeper meanings behind the jokes. Tyler’s writing has received accolades for its distinctive take on modern culture, which tackles taboo subjects with a keen sense of irony and sarcasm. Tyler’s art is vibrant and vivid, which contrasts with the darker themes of his comics, despite the occasionally gory subject matter. His humor is more impactful because of the contrast between the bright and dark parts of his work, which makes the jokes even more bizarre and unexpected. The next section contains a collection of his finest illustrations. I really hope everyone enjoys these comics.

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Credit: Puddle Munch Comics

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#1. Phones is life

#2. Declined

#3. Good boy

#4. Twittered

#5. Time to die

#6. BANG!

#7. Snapchat selfies!

#8. This way was the most fair

#9. It’s the circle of drugs

#10. Life is tough

#11. Buying gas these days

#12. Knowing your caretaking limitations

#13. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

#14. Aliens!

#15. How to floss

#16. Anything for the kids

#17. Technology stole all my maths

#18. They got us good

#19. Learn from your parent’s mistake

#20. Ocean fund

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