20 Comics Show Everyday Life Problems and Experiences Faced by Women

In the colorful and dynamic world of comics, artists have taken on the role of storytellers, shedding light on various aspects of human life, including the unique challenges and experiences faced by women. Through the lens of illustrated panels and relatable characters, these comics offer a platform to explore the intricacies of everyday life from a distinctly feminine perspective. From navigating societal expectations to juggling personal aspirations and relationships, these comics provide a space for women’s voices to be heard and understood.


Promptly Paneled is a series of relatable webcomics created by Xan Degu, also known as Xan. The comics focus on everyday life problems and experiences, particularly those faced by women. Xan’s comics are often described as feminist and relatable, resonating with many readers. The Promptly Paneled series includes four-panel webcomics that humorously depict various situations and challenges that people encounter in their daily lives. Xan’s comics cover a wide range of topics.

The comics aim to provide an outlet for Xan’s struggles and to create a sense of connection and understanding among readers. Xan shares her comics on various platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, Xan’s account, @promptlypaneled, has 5,037 followers and features 144 posts. Her comics have the power to capture the nuances of women’s lives, depicting both the joys and struggles that define their journey. The pages come alive with narratives that delve into issues like workplace inequalities, body image concerns, and the pressure to balance multiple roles. By placing these stories at the forefront, comics create a bridge between readers and the everyday realities that women often encounter. Her comics are definitely worth checking out.

You can also enjoy some of her earlier work on Boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Promptly Paneled

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#1. Face Mask

#2. New Recipe


#3. Show

#4. Avoid Trouble


#5. Ewwww

#6. Quora


#7. Being Dramatic

#8. Decorative Project


#9. Wish

#10. Feel Sad and Bad


#11. Plastic Toy

#12. Types of customers


#13. Cat and Dog Owners

#14. Skin Care Routine


#15. Regret

#16. Summer vs Winter


#17. Questions

#18. Body


#19. Renovating

#20. Cool


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